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Automate your

inventory management

with our robot

Save costs with improved inventory accuracy. Our groundbreaking solution utilizes automated robots to boost your inventory management.

Issues with traditional inventory checking

  • Warehouse operations include tasks like location checks and empty location checks to ensuring all locations for item match the computer.

  • These checks require using people and expensive equipment like scissor lifts or man-up machines.

  • These activities interrupt normal operations or are completed after normal hours requiring overtime pay rates.

  • And in Australia and many other countries, it can be very hot in a scissor lift next to a hot steel roof.


Automated Robotics to improve your Inventory Management

Meerkat uses automated robotics greatly improve your Inventory Management practises. Inventory control is costly, time-consuming and repetitive for employees.  On top of this it can also be very dangerous as scissor lift MHE is often used.  Meerkat automates the inventory process using robots outfitted with state-of-the-art computer and camera technologies. Thus, even the highest high-bay racks can be inventoried - even in the middle of the night - without personnel.

inventory checks

When everyone has gone home, our Meerkat Inventory robot can start checking that as a result of todays operations, no pallet location inventory has been misplaced.


Not only do you find and identify picking and put-away errors in your reserve racking on the same day, you boost productivity as you know where your stock is

100% elimination of
lost pallets

By finding the mis-located pallets the next day, you can also correct the operational issues which lead to these errors, targeting areas that need addressing.

worker safety

With Meerkat doing the inventory checks for you, you don't need to have your staff working at heights. A Meerkat warehouse is a much safer warehouse

How it works



Meerkat Inventory


The automate, air powered telescopic mast raises to the level where the stock check is required and analyses each location using a set of cameras, lasers and scanners.


On the ground the fully autonomous robot manoeuvres around and we’ve added batteries and onboard computing to do all the calculations in real time.

Our advantages

  • Daily  location checks

  • Scheduled cycle count checks

  • 50% Inventory Management saving

  • 15 hours on one charge

  • Safer workplace

  • Works after hours with lights off

  • Future proof - PnP new components

  • Proven & ready

  • Over 1000 EU locations/hour

How it works

Our experienced team
understands your challenges

"I have always wanted to automate the mundane task of inventory checking. Having run operations for many years, I am painfully aware of the issue created when pallet location accuracy was poor."
Kent Rogers, Founder of Meerkat Inventory

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Contact us

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